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June 25 media published the first preview of Cyberpunk 2077 by CD Projekt RED. Journalists are given to play in the demo of the game, which lasted 4.5 hours. recounted the most important of their materials. See The game has many options to customize your character appearance. Before the beginning of the passage of the user will create his character. Customize the face, according to journalists, can be very subtle, but impressive selection of items. Developers will also allow to edit the sexual characteristics of the character. The usual choice between a man and a woman is not here, you can create a Woman with a member (its size can also be customized), or the guy with the female breast (you can remove the nipple). The choice of the plot depends on history. Total player will have three possible history – “Nomad”, “street child” and “corporate”. IGN reporter selected third embodiment. His game began in the bathtub in his apartment in one of the areas of the city. His colleague chose the first option – it began in the passage of the desert. Depending on the background of the character will have additional options in the dialog boxes and it will be treated differently by others. 1/4 Source: CD Projekt RED main plot begins six months after the events of the prologue. According to the description of journalists, Wee, his friend and team-mate Jackie T-Bag had to earn credibility for performing dirty deeds, and they began to come out big clients. With the mission of one of these and start passing. After the debut of one of the missions of the game lets the user to float freely. PC Gamer journalist said that Knight City (where the main events take place) is created perfectly. On the streets of a large number of passers-by, building rush into the sky, and the amount of fine detail is incalculable. Appearance Night City reminded journalist Tokyo. On the streets of many NPC with a unique look. According to the description of the journalist PC Gamer, Night City is filled with colorful characters. Someone walking in sneakers and shorts, someone prefer coats and hats, while others prefer leggings in metallic style. 1/4 Source: CD Projekt RED authors were able to make the shooting interesting. In its preview DTF journalist he wrote that the mechanics of the shootings in the game is implemented at a good level. Weapons in the hands felt through tangible benefits and high-quality sound of a gunshot. During the shootings enemies are aggressive: AI constantly forces the player to move by throwing a grenade at him and avoiding the flanks. In this melee journalist I was impressed not so much. Opponents, he said, equally responsive to the punches or rolled. Leveling effect on the style of passing, but not as hard as it may seem. You can pump your hero brute force and shooting skills, but no one bothers to go through a regular job by stealth, hacking camera. More character can set yourself different implants to get a passive property – for example, being able to see the number of remaining rounds in the cage. Equipment can be improved. At weapons and clothing have slots for various upgrades. For example, you can hang a silencer on the machine to eliminate enemies silently. 1/5 Source: CD Projekt RED Quests can be done in many ways. During one of the demonstrations of CD Projekt RED has shown the mission to repurchase spidering a group of bandits. This task can be completed in several different ways. For example, you can give the thugs own money and take the robot, and you can just shoot everyone. During the study of the world can be to arrange a shoot in the middle of the street. Then, among the crowds of people will panic, and everyone in hysterics will seek shelter, and after some time the police arrive. The game has a tracing system similar to GTA, – if you continue to wreak havoc, the reinforcements will not take long. At the same time in different areas of police behavior will be different. Machines can steal, but it is better to call your own. Mechanics took straight out of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – should press the button and after a few seconds will drive a personal vehicle. 1/3 Source: CD Projekt RED During a player earns a reputation quests. Thanks to this measure, sooner or later will open a powerful upgrades, and sellers will be willing to put on the shelf the best product. Drive easy – even too much. According to the journalists, while traveling on transport Cyberpunk 2077 does not create the proper sense of gravity of the car. The machine is controlled by the player very easily, and it is not cornering enters. But in the game advanced damage model. Cyberpunk 2077 will be released November 19 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Later, the game will release on next-generation consoles – all its owners will receive a free copy at the PS5 or Xbox Series X.